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Shaman - Toucans - 2913

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Slightly more than 4.5 cm tall, 24 k gold plated.

A replica of a pre-Columbian shaman from Southern Costa Rica. Note his serpentine hair, toucans in each hand, and the upper calf ligatures typical of a Shaman.

The Chibchan pre-Columbian Indians occupied what is today is roughly the area between and including Costa Rica and Colombia. Some of the Chibchan tribes in what is today Colombia were the first to discover the techniques for working gold, particularly the lost wax method. They made beautiful gold jewelry and traded as far north as the Maya and down south to the Inca. These pieces are faithful replicas of genuine pre-Columbian artifacts. To make them out of the gold & copper alloys the Indians used would make the prohibitively expensive, so these are made with bronze, coated with nickel and finally 24k gold plated.

Exclusive, design by atoda, sterling silver .925.

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