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Pleiades - Mir (Prosperity) .925 - 2747

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Sterling Silver.925 Exclusive atoda design
Approximately 2.5 cm. in diameter.
ith MIR, we are asked to expand the traditional perception of Prosperity, which is generally associated solely with money matters. The guides suggest that we begin to understand Prosperity holistically as it pertains to the entire organism. This concept applies to individuals as well as all groups that have a structure, such as a business, nation or even a planet. Importance here is placed on participation, as opposed to ideas or concepts. This connotes a way of life that incorporates and valued time devoted to the development of the spiritual nature as well as the ways and means of physical life. This experience can only be had first hand. It is this LIVING THROUGH that affects our feelings and judgments giving true knowledge and skill. Continued use of this glyph assists in the willingness to balance and blend the experience of all aspects of our nature, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of a truer Prosperity.

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