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Amethyst Collection

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Amethyst is a purple coloured quartz, very lovely, and very popular. We have many amethyst items which you can see by clicking here, or by typing the word amethyst into the search bar.

Amethyst Only: Our collection of items that are only stone, no silver nor other parts. OK to be fair, the necklaces have clasps, and the bracelets have wire or elastic, but you get the idea, it's basically Amethyst Only.

Sure, other vendors have Amethyst Only items, but I doubt if you will find this quality at this price point.

For example, take a basic 8mm Amethyst bracelet and compare it to our entry level bracelet, #4750 which is A quality. Put them together, side by side, and you'll see the difference.

And that's just the entry level, we have up to AAA quality which is gemstone quality. So you have a choice of 8mm Amethyst adult bracelets range from $16 to $120. 

Here is a matrix of Amethyst only bracelets. You can click on the item number to go see that item.

Type 3mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
A Bracelet   5064 4750 5124  6071
A Bracelet Child     5781    
A+ Bracelet   5169 5170 5171  
A+ Bracelet Child   4751      
A+ Necklace   4811      
AA Bracelet   5172 5173 5174 5820
AAA Bracelet     5175    
Black Bracelet        
Faceted Bracelet   5796 5123 5802 5805
Faceted  Bracelet Child   5799      
Faceted Necklace  5065 5895      
Heart Bracelet Adult     5209    
Heart Bracelet Child   5210      
Necklace (Chain) 4149        
Necklace Mala 108   5218      

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